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SHOWTIME “Kidding:” A Television Show Inside of another Television Show?

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SHOWTIME "Kidding"


“Kidding”with star Jim Carrey, directed by Dave Holstein, is a television show with the main character, Jeff, where he teaches basic principles of life to the kids that watch “Mr. Pickles,” the show he stars in within the TV show itself. Jeff is a very well-mannered person, but he doesn't deal with adult situations well. He is constantly interacting with children, so he is better at speaking to them than he is with adults. He even uses swear words in the wrong situations where they don’t make sense to use. Mr. Pickles uses his show as his way out of adult interactions and excuses the way he acts toward other adults. Because of this, he becomes a fish out of water in adult situations because of the way he is wired to speak to children.

Jeff's family is also an entertaining aspect of the show. He has twins with his wife, who doesn't seem very interested in him, and his one son doesn't respect him much at all; he calls Jeff names and makes fun of the way he lives. Jeff tries to keep his family together and keep his son from resenting him, but he realizes things must change for that to happen.

"Kidding" is rated TV-MA, so the humor and lessons that Jeff teaches throughout the show targets mainly adults. Even though Jeff gives lessons to children throughout his show as Mr. Pickles, the way he speaks to them is deeper and more adult-like. The show has many different ways of justifying the TV-MA rating due to the characters constantly swearing, smoking and drinking. As Jeff goes through many life decisions and lessons, I think he is still developing as a character and has much more to show for himself. The major conflict of this show is that his family thinks of him as a weak, pitiful man, when they should see him as the generous, hardworking guy that he is. Jeff’s family needs a lot of work to get them back together, and it starts with reconnecting with his son Will after what happened to his twin brother a few years before this show took place.

As Jeff is first shown as an innocent man who only gets through to kids and cannot handle a serious situation, the way the script is given builds off of that. In his show, Jeff wanted to make an episode that teaches children how to cope with death and to not be afraid of the outcome no matter who the person is.

Jeff is always looking for the kid side in everyone and is seen as a childhood hero whom everyone likes. His family does not see him as such, and they think he needs to become more of an adult instead of bottling everything up. The script of this show impacts how the viewers feel toward it. The setting and time are present day, and it shows that someone like him would not be as respected as he is in the show rather than in real life. The audience is almost pushed into another world where things seem flipped.

The plot is exceptional and always leaves the audience questioning what is happening. It did so in episode 5; the kids sneak into the old house that is very dangerous for what they have planned, and it leaves the viewer with a cliffhanger. The star of, Jim Carrey, is a remarkable actor for this role. Jim Carrey is known to be an actor that can play many different characters and change moods very quickly. As he plays the character of  Jeff, he is made to be an innocent character, and he does just that. He doesn't swear when it is unnecessary, he doesn't make sexual jokes, and he always plays a role model for everyone in the series. Jim Carrey performs this character well, which is why I think there is more to know about Jeff and where his life is heading. He is a character that keeps his emotions and problems to himself because his job is talking to a camera directed toward young children. I believe Carrey is one of the only people who could play a character that shows such a variety of emotions.

Jim Carrey is a well-known actor and easily recognized in movies similar to “Dumb and Dumber.” He is shown as a more serious role in “Kidding,” instead of being a crazed man who cannot find a way of becoming successful.

Dave Holstein is the showrunner, executive producer, and writer of the show. Holstein is best known for his 2008 Comedy/Drama show “Weeds”and 2015 sitcom “The Brink” (starring Jack Black). His past movies provide experience in comedy, which helps show he has skills for comedic relief in his career.

The production company is SONY Picture Studios and the show airs on Showtime at 10 p.m. on Sunday nights. It is a 30-minute single-camera show that anyone can find either through the Showtime website, YouTube Premium, or HULU. “Kidding” is shot in Los Angeles, California, and has yet to be canceled or renewed for a third season. This show is a tragicomedy and could be compared to the film “Patriot” because the emotions shown by the main characters are similar.

In addition to entertaining, "Kidding” reveals how the characters change their lives in the best way possible, and that anyone can learn to adapt to many different occurrences in life. I think this show is worth the watch; I fell into this show and got attached to the characters. I would recommend binging this show because almost every episode contains a cliffhanger, which leaves the audience wanting more. I tend to be able to focus better when binge-watching a show, so I think that makes it easier to watch. It's worth watching because you can feel emotions toward the characters, and you find yourself wanting to see if it gets better or worse for Jeff throughout the show.

If Showtime renews the series, I want the show to have more of an impact on both me and the attachment I have toward the characters. If there is one thing that can be improved, it's that Jeff should get the justice he deserves, and he should be able to overcome the ongoing issues in his life. I am looking forward to seeing how his family reacts to how he has matured and adjusted to his new life, and where it could take him in the future.

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