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Fresh Faces: 20-year-old looks for a change as he starts at WC

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Fresh Faces: Discuss the college life here at Westminster with a freshman

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – Arriving as a 20-year old transfer student to Westminster isn't exactly the same experience freshman are having this fall.  Josh Elm comes to Westminster College from Clarion University. He and his family realized that he needed a change. That change brought him to New Wilmington to play football for the Titans.

“Transferring from a school where I knew many people and had good friends was very nerve-racking,” Elm said. “When I got settled in and saw my hometown friends at school, I was able to relax and adjust to the change.”

If you transfer schools, you will want to change and be happier at your new school. When I asked Elm what his favorite part about Westminster was, he gave me a few answers.

“Well, I immediately noticed how much nicer people were up here. On my first day up here, there were people on the football team who treated me as if I had been here for years.”

Next, Elm mentioned how the “small” school has made things easier for him. His walks to class are much shorter than the lines for food.

The final question was if he was looking forward to anything here at Westminster.

“As I fully enrolled here, there were many things I already started looking forward to. Most important would be helping the football team get another ring. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and making friends. I hope to meet some good guys and have good times with them come the weekend.”

This 20-year old transfer from Pittsburgh explained that being here is the change he needed. Elm has now made his drive home much more accessible. He has his close friends from high school and has already made many others. This is to show that transferring can help some students and the situations they find themselves in. Elm is more excited than ever and extremely happy to be a Westminster Titan.

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