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Fresh Faces : Cheers from a freshman cheerleader

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Tannah Hendrickson

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – Tannah Hendrickson is a first year Bio major who is looking to take a veterinary path after school.

“I’m looking forward to the transition between college and high school and I’m excited to see what it brings” Tannah said.

She also is looking for local veterinary clinics to shadow at to gain more experience in her field over the summer or winter times. Tannah said she quickly took a liking to her Westminster 101 class with Dr Krantz, who she said is her favorite teacher so far.

“The workload seems pretty light and Krantz just brings a warm inviting persona to the room so I think it will be perfect for my introduction to the school, and he’s also really knowledgeable about the personnel around so I know where to start if I need any assistance or help around the campus.”

Tannah also said she was a little nervous coming into college, “I picked Westminster for a reason with my Bio major, however, I know it’s very difficult here so I’m just trying to stay on top of stuff right off the bat. This place is also way smaller than my high school so the work life balance is something I’m also trying to figure out.”

Tannah also joined the Westminster cheerleading team and is looking forward to the football games and traveling with the team and what not. She was on campus for a week before most students arrived and said she was already in love with the campus but became even more fond of it getting to see it before the crowd arrived. “Something about the rolling hills and the small but modern beauty of the school drew me too it and I just knew this place was it.” Tannah said. “and having that extra week before was a help just as a far as getting to know some people and getting acclimated to where everything on campus is and all the cheerleaders are pretty outgoing so making those relationships was pretty easy.”

Besides classes and cheer, Tannah said she just hopes to meet new people and network for her first semester and see how it goes from there.

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