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FRESH FACES: Get to know the class of 2025’s Madison Daraklis

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Madison Daraklis

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- The Holcad’s Fresh Faces campaign continues to get to know the newest Titans on campus to see how adjusting to life on campus this year. While walking through McKelvey Campus Center First-Year Madison Daraklis shared her thoughts on being a Westminster Undergrad so far.

“It's definitely been busy; we've definitely been moving a lot. Orientation was like so much, but once classes started, honestly, it's been really chill," Daraklis shared. "I was talking about this with my friends. It's kind of wild. We are so used to six or seven hours straight of classes, and now it is not as bad, and all the teachers are really chill".

Madison has nothing but compliments for her professors so far in the first week of classes.

“Dr. Lackey, he comes to mind first, my calculus teacher also a legend; such a queen," said Daraklis. "[Dr. Lackey] He's just got a whole vibe, and he just gets it. I cannot really explain it”.

One of the most significant adjustments to moving into college is dorm life. Living with a roommate, sharing a bathroom with a group of students, and the added pressures due to the ongoing pandemic do not seem to bother Daraklis so far.

“This is definitely a huge change because I come from a giant town in New Jersey, and now I'm in a small town in Pennsylvania. My roommate is amazing! I was really nervous at first that I was going to hate her, but we get along so well. Communal bathrooms kind of gross, but we are dealing with it".

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