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Living on Campus vs. Living off Campus

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While living on-campus is an experience that students typically experience, there is also the option of living off-campus. While living off-campus offers things that dorms like Shaw and Eichenauer cannot, there are certain living aspects that students don’t get off-campus. 

 Living on-campus allows students access to shared buildings, all the facilities and dining. One way to assess life in a college dorm is through the perspective of a first-year. First-years offer a perspective of transitioning from home life to a brand-new environment in a college dorm. Antonio Ulizzi, a resident first-year in Russell Hall, elaborates on his experience so far, saying “living on campus right now is fun and all, but can be challenging with Covid. I dislike living in Russell and having to walk everywhere, but at least I’m getting my exercise.”

 First-years now have the unique situation of transitioning to college life during a global pandemic. Living on-campus differs depending on the residence hall and how experienced the residents are. Rooms differ from building to building; Eich is different from Shaw and Shaw is different from Galbreath and so on. Every building offers a unique style of living. One thing they all share is the accessibility to all the shared spaces, all of which are within a ten-minute walk on campus. Students living on-campus have the ability to use the dining hall and even study spaces like the library. Not to say that students that commute or live off-campus don’t have access to these shared spaces; it is just easier for on-campus students to use them. 

 While living on-campus has its perks, so does commuting or living off-campus, according to some students. Senior business major Nick Iregui talks about what it’s like to live off-campus: “I like being off-campus because it gives me a sense of freedom. It gives me the responsibility of taking care of my own space like cooking and cleaning.” 

One opportunity that off-campus students get when it comes to taking care of themselves and gaining the experience of fully living on their own is something that living on-campus just cannot entirely provide. 

Commuting and living off-campus to school also poses some obstacles, as Dani Soloski comments. “I don’t like that sometimes there’s nowhere to park in the commuter lot… I live around 30 minutes away, so gas and travel time is annoying.” These are things that some have to take into consideration when choosing how to attend school. These challenges may be a sacrifice some students make to be able to shower at home and enjoy a home cooked meal daily. 

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