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October Board of Trustees meeting: vaccines, finances, and more

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October Board of Trustees meeting: vaccine updates, finances, and more landing image

NEW WILMINGTON,PA-The Board of Trustees met October 29-30 to discuss a verdict on the faculty and SGA resolutions, spring graduation, finances, and end-of-semester affairs. Faculty associate trustees included Michael Aleprete of the Political Science department; Helen Boylan of Chemistry; and Melinda Perttu of Music. Student associate trustees included Noah Pollio '22; Jacob Trzcinski '23; and Shaemour Young '22.  

The Board decided to defer action on the vaccine resolutions until the Biden Administration releases details on their employee mandates. 

President Richardson's All-Campus email is fully transcribed below: 

The Board of Trustees met in a retreat Friday and a formal meeting Saturday, with faculty associate trustees Michael Aleprete, Helen Boylan and Melinda Perttu and student associate trustees Noah Pollio, Jacob Trzcinski and Shaemour Young in attendance.  Mr. Pollio offered an overview of SGA activities, and both he and Faculty Chair Boylan explained the rationale behind the recent faculty and SGA resolutions promoting mandated COVID vaccinations.  Action on the resolutions was deferred until the federal guidelines related to employee vaccinations are released. During the sessions, the Board discussed progress toward achieving the College’s strategic goals and considered new initiatives for ongoing improvement.  

In formal action, the Board approved: 

  • The potential Fall 2021 graduation list; 

  • The audited financial statements; 

  • The 2021-2022 budget; 

  • Sale of the Sewell house now owned by the College; 

  • The revised 2022-23 academic calendar; 

  • The alternative grading policy, if the faculty deem one necessary; 

  • Revised tuition remission and tuition exchange policies allowing employees who have worked for one year to become eligible for full participation by their dependents; 

  • Designation of a recent bequest to fund construction of a new bridge for the Field Station trail; 

  • Approval of sabbatical leaves for four faculty; and the 

  • Tuition and fees schedule for the 2022-2023 academic year. 


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