PODCAST: ‘Mother Fair’ tackles campus controversies and more

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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– Budget crunches force Westminster to cut the preschool lab and the funding for the campus yearbook, The Argo.   And we check out the unique connection the College has to Scottish fiddling.  Listen, download, and share this edition of “Mother Fair” from the broadcast studios of Titan Radio and wcn247.com.

Some of the stories featured in this podcast:
  • Westminster has budget gaps to fix, like most small private colleges. Some of the early items on the chopping block include the preschool lab and the campus yearbook.
  • We’ll meet one instructor on campus who’s worked undercover.
  • Listen to an in-depth interview with a national radio show host with history with Titan Radio.  We talk with Keith Stevens and his career and connections with contemporary Christain music.
  • What’s that buzzing overhead on campus?  Meet one student drone hobbyist who loves using Mother Fair as the focus for his aerial videography.  But what are the rules on campus for drones?
  • The Wind Ensemble wins the American Prize, and Music Professor Tad Greig tells us about the prize and why it’s a big deal for our students.
  • And we explore a unique feature in the School of Music where students experience Scottish fiddling.

“Mother Fair” is a podcast produced by Broadcasting and Media Production students at Westminster College. In this edition, hosts Sydney Roach and Katarina Braun bring you news on Westminster College and shout outs for some of the alumni from the school.

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