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School of Comm faculty member ('12 grad) making masks for those in need

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Kandice Hartner '12, adjunct faculty in the School of Communication, has been using one of her talents to help the world!

Kandice Hartner joins the School of Communication as full-time faculty. Contributed photo.

Kandice Hartner '12, adjunct faculty in the School of Communication, has been using one of her talents to help the world!
NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. (WC Alumni Office)-- Over the past few weeks, she has sewed 125+ masks to distribute to those in need. Hear more from her in our quick Q&A session!
What spurred your desire to make these masks?Sewing has always been a passion of mine and I heard about people starting to sew masks for healthcare workers. I quickly joined a Facebook Group of people who are making masks so I could pick up any tips or patterns that worked best.
Where are you getting your materials?As an avid crafter, I already had a large stash of fabrics available. I have supplemented through curbside pickup at JoAnn Fabric - and eBay has been the most reliable place to obtain elastic in bulk. For the masks with ties, I use grosgrain ribbon which I have also been able to order at JoAnn's.
Where are you distributing these masks? I've been supplying to individuals and healthcare facilities both locally and nationally. These requests usually come from friends looking to protect their family or other loved ones in the medical field. Anything I have leftover after my current requests are going to help the needs that appear in mask making groups on Facebook.
And how long does it take to make a mask?From start to finish, I would guess it takes anywhere from 15-25 minutes to make a mask. I usually break everything into groups, so in one sitting, I may cut out a bunch of masks, in the next sew the bodies and elastic, then finish them up and iron them. I usually do around 25-30 in each batch, maybe more if I'm on a roll. I've learned taking breaks is important so it doesn't become overwhelming. Here is the pattern I started with, but there are many others out there, depending on what is needed.
How can people purchase them from you? Are you selling them? I am not selling them, only donating, and people are welcome to reach out to me if they are in need. This applies to everyone, not just those in healthcare. I generally ask that shipping be paid so I do not have to pay out of pocket, usually around $4. I also accept donations towards supplies and anything donated that isn't used to make masks will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of my sister, Claire.
Do you think your WC education contributed to your desire to help people? While I have always enjoyed helping others, my time at Westminster helped build and grow this desire. Westminster has helped shape me into who I am today and I am thankful for my experiences during my time as a student and now in my career teaching students at Westminster. 
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