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SGA Minutes August 27, 2020

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This is a record of the minutes of the Student Government Association meeting for Aug. 26, 2020, provided to the Westminster College study body.

Meeting Minutes

I. Prayer by Owen Meilander

II. Roll Call and Announcements

III. Approval of Minutes

• No previous minutes to approve.

IV. Executive Officers Reports

President – Kaylee Brosius

  • Strategic Plan Initiatives should be approved within the next month
  • Congrats to Noah Pollio and Jess Reabe for representing SGA on Homecoming Court!

Vice President – Kailey Costabile

  • Voting for new senators will occur from Monday to Wednesday night
  • Senator retreat will take place on September 6th
  • Senator feedback forms for programming on campus

Secretary – Franco Rodriguez

  • 24 senators in attendance tonight

Treasurer – Tyler Snodgrass

  • Only transactions were for monthly operating statements
  • izza Joes invoice for SGA Day in the spring semester

V. Committee Reports

Finance – Steve Barr

  • Audits and allocations for 15 clubs have been completed so far
  • Email with clubs and budgets will be sent out next week for review

Academics – Noah Pollio

  • Filling committees, councils, and boards
    • Committees that need filled immediately are the Curriculum Committee and Academic Standards Committee
    • Nominations must happen in new business

Diversity – Shaemour Young

  • Civil Dialogues start this Friday
    • Register in email and share with fellow students

Special Events – Juliana Sienkiewicz

  • Homecoming court has 22 candidates this year
  • Campaigning will take place from Sept. 7 to Oct. 2
  • Voting among the student body will take place from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2

Service – Nyna Hess

  • Service event with ALLIES to do karaoke in the amphitheater
    • This Friday, Aug. 28, 10-12am
      • Donations to Trevor foundation

Student Concerns – Logan Minch

  • Many concerns regarding food that are being in handled in first FAC meeting
  • Attempting to obtain more garbage cans in various locations
  • Talks with physical plant for possible beekeepe

Public Relations – Hannah Roddy

  • Make sure to follow social media and encourage friends to do so as well
  • Share flyers on social medias to help other organizations as well as SGA
    • IG: sga_westminster

VI. Old Business

• Townhouse and gender restrictions discussion

VII. New Business

• Motion by Mitchel Henderson to discuss student privacy regarding COVID-19, seconded by Jackson Gastmeyer

  • Vice President Gina Vance stated there will be a template used for all future emails
  • Wellness Center and Student Affairs are doing contact tracing and preventing HIPAA violations as best as they can
  • Motion by Montana Ferita to end COVID discussion, seconded by Andrius Burnelis
  • Motion by Andrius Burnelis to discuss academic committees, seconded by Montana Ferita
  • Andrius Burnelis and Andrew Piatt nominated for Curriculum Committee
  • Emma Neel and Dylan John nominated for Academic Standards Committee
  • Nominations approved

VIII. Open Floor

• CPC events: Thursday-themed bingo, Friday-movie on the quad, Saturday-yoga by the lake, Monday-trivia, and Tuesday-DIY

IX. Adjournment

• Motion to adjourn by Montana Ferita, seconded by Andrius Burnelis.

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