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SGA Minutes for March, 17, 2021

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Student Government Association

March 17, 2021

Meeting Minutes

I. Prayer by Owen Meilander

II. Roll Call and Announcements

III. Approval of Minutes

• Motion to approve last week’s minutes by Yiannoula Katsadas, seconded by Montana Ferita.

IV. Executive Officers Reports

President – Noah Pollio

o Meeting with President Richardson

o Applications for members of Board of Trustees

o Survey on Racial Campus Climate

Vice President – Allison Sherman

o Survey for VolleyRock

 Tentatively in September

Secretary – Jess Reabe

o 29 senators in attendance tonight

Treasurer – Mitchel Henderson

o No new expenses

o Newly approved clubs are eligible for allocations

o Missing club officers

o Audits begin 3/29

V. Open Forum

VI. Committee Reports

Diversity – Journey Washington

o No report

Academics- Emma Neel

o Academic concerns

 Coffee makers in library

o Committees/councils/boards

 Academic Standards

• Alternative grading discussion, incomplete grading guidelines

Community Engagement – Olivia Jacobson

o Service event

o Meeting on sustainability

Student Concerns – Logan Minch

o Student concerns

 Skateboarding on campus

 Bees are back

o FAC meeting next Tuesday at 12:45 in Witherspoon Lakeview

VII. Old Business

VIII. New Business

• Motion by Garrett Garlock to discuss the bridge in the bio trails, seconded by Christian Keegan.

• Motion by Andrius Burnelis to close discussion, seconded by Owen Meilander.

IX. Open Floor

• Phi Mu is selling raffle tickets for backets that goes towards their philanthropy, see a sister for a ticket.

• ZTA is having a Home Run Derby on 3/28, $5 for time at bat, and $15 for a shirt and time at bat, see a sister for a ticket.

• Theta Chi is having “Theta Chi, Date a Guy” that goes towards their philanthropy, see a brother to get a raffle ticket and is announced on 3/26 at their water balloon fundraiser.

• Black Lives Matter March is this Sunday, 3/21 at 2PM at the Amphitheater.

X. Adjournment

• Motion to adjourn by Lauren Lindemuth seconded by Dylan John.

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