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SGA Minutes for Nov. 5, 2020

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Student Government Association

November 4th, 2020

Meeting Minutes

      I.         Prayer by Owen Meilander

    II.         Roll Call and Announcements

  III.         Approval of Minutes

  • Motion to approve last week’s minutes by Mitchel Henderson, seconded by Zion Posey.

  IV.         Executive Officers Reports

President – Kaylee Brosius

  • Slate info session on November 10th at 8:00 p.m.
  • Student affairs looking to form alliance with racial, equity, and leadership alliance
    • Looking for $3,000 to join alliance

Vice President – Kailey Costabile

  • Bonfire for senators is after meeting

Secretary – Franco Rodriguez

  • 38 senators in attendance tonight

Treasurer – Tyler Snodgrass

  • No report

    V.         Open Forum

  VI.         Committee Reports

Finance – Steve Barr

  • Habitat for Humanity is asking for $180 allocation

Academics – Noah Pollio

  • No report

                        Diversity – Shaemour Young

  • Diversity dodgeball is on November 13th
    • $5 to be on team and get food, and t shirt
    • $10 to get food and t shirt only
    • BLM March is on November 14th
    • Diversity workshop will be on November 15th
    • Civil dialogue topic suggestions are needed

                        Special Events – Juliana Sienkiewicz

  • No report

Service – Nyna Hess

  • No report

                        Student Concerns – Logan Minch

  • FAC meeting is next week on Thursday at 12:40
  • WiFi issued is being looked into
  • Sodexo has clarified that a meal cannot be eaten and taken to go

Public Relations – Hannah Roddy

  • No report
  1. Old Business
  • None.
  1. New Business
  • Motion by Mitchel Henderson to discuss allocation for Habitat for Humanity, seconded by Montana Ferita.
  • Motion by Andrius Burnelis to discuss Student Affairs allocation request, seconded by Zion Posey.
  • Motion by Owen Meilander to table discussion till next week, seconded by Andrius Burnelis.

  IX.         Open Floor

  • New mental health club is having sign ups on Friday from 11:30-12:30 at info desk. First meeting will be held on Tuesday.
  • Phi Mu is doing a raffle ticket fundraiser and one entry is $5 and three is $10.
    • § First place will be wireless Beats headphones
    • § Second place will be a Spotify gift card
  • An email was sent out to participate in Jackson Gastmeyer’s capstone

    X.         Adjournment

  • Motion to adjourn by Andrius Burnelis, seconded by Mitchel Henderson.

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