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SGA welcomes 44 new senators to meeting; pass/fail with no credit option for grades possible

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Student Government Association, September 2, 2020

Meeting Minutes

I. Prayer by Owen Meilander

II. Roll Call and Announcements

III. Approval of Minutes

  • Motion to approve last week’s minutes by Eihblin Terrell, seconded by Carinna Lapson.

IV. Executive Officers Reports, President

  • Kaylee Brosius
    • Welcome new senators – full senate!
    • BMOC event put on by ZTA and we need to vote in new business on an SGA representative
  • Vice President – Kailey Costabile
    • Congrats to new senators
    • Senator retreat on Sunday and new senators at 10 am and returning senators at 1pm] Senator outreach form
  • Secretary – Franco Rodriguez
    • 44 senators in attendance tonight
  • Treasurer – Tyler Snodgrass
    • No report

V. Open Forum

VI. Committee Reports

  • Finance – Steve Barr
    • Majority of audits and allocations done
    • Voting will occur on allocations up until this point
  • Academics – Noah Pollio
    • Academic concerns
    • Students have asked for coffee in the library
    • Committee, council, and board reports
    • Academic Standards committee
      • Pass/fail with no credit option for grades this fall possible
      • Student feedback on spring semester pass/fail grading
    • Curriculum committee
      • Professors are limited on time to go between classes while needing to set up and disinfect
    • Discussion for classes to start a few minutes earlier
    • Prospective calendar for spring term is similar to fall with no breaks would begin just before February and end around may 10th
    • URAC and IRC committees need two representatives
  • Diversity – Shaemour Young
    • Civil Dialogues was last week with low attendance but very impactful to those who came
  • Special Events – Juliana Sienkiewicz
  • Link to vote on Homecoming candidates sent for Juniors
    • 6 males and 6 females
  • Service – Nyna Hess
    • SAGA partnered with SGA for another karaoke on Saturday from 10-12pm and are raising money for “It Gets Better Project”
  • Student Concerns – Logan Minch
    • Galbreath express
    • Would online ordering option be favorable?
  • Public Relations – Hannah Roddy
    • New Senators follow Instagram and Snapchat if you haven’t

VII. Old Business

  • No old business

VIII. New Business

  • Motion by Montana to discuss URAC and IRC committees, seconded by Andrew
  • Kierra Callaway and Yiannoula Katsadas nominated for IRC committee
  • Zion Posey and Montana Ferita nominated for URAC committee

IX. Open Floor

  • None

X. Adjournment

  • Motion to adjourn by Montana Ferita, seconded by Andrius Burnelis.

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