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Some 1st year students frustrated over registering for fall classes

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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- In the heat of the spring semester on top of classes, sports, clubs, Greek life and mess of other things happening, one thing Westminster students must be on top of is scheduling for their fall classes. For upperclassmen who have gone through the process a few times it is no big deal, however for the first-years, it is a whole other story.

While first-years have one semester of scheduling under their belt, it can still be tricky and cause some confusion depending on the courses they need to take. First-years draw the short straw not only because they have to schedule last but also because they have to take the first-year classes and battle it out to get into the classes they need for their major.

One first-year who did not have to deal with the same trials and tribulations as other first-years is honors student Jake Steinbeck. As a member of the honors program, Steinbeck had the opportunity to schedule ten days before the first-years normal scheduling date. He had a very positive experience.

“The scheduling process for honors was very convenient, as having first dibs on scheduling is a huge perk of being part of the honors program. It’s an interesting process too, as you get to pick exactly what classes you want to take and are interested in.”

Steinbeck is adamant that the challenge of the honors program on top of a rigorous schedule of classes and extracurriculars has perks that make it worthwhile, with the chance to schedule early being one of them.

While some first-years had relative ease with the whole process, others did not have a stress-free time during the whole thing. First-year business student Hugh Livingstone talked about the obstacles he ran into during the spring scheduling period. Livingstone was unsure about how to set up a meeting with his advisor and by the time he figured it out he was pushed for time to figure out a tentative schedule to work with. Luckily, after all was said and done, he was able to schedule his classes for the fall semester.

“It was pretty much my fault I had to rush,” Livingstone explained. “I just didn’t know much about spring scheduling.”

One challenge all students tend to face when scheduling is the school’s Wi-Fi. Students want to schedule as early as possible to raise their chances of getting the classes they need and want. When the scheduling portal opens at 7 a.m., the school’s website is typically overloaded by students who were scheduled for that date. When the students all try to schedule at the same time, the Wi-Fi seems to slow down drastically and make the already stressful process even more stressful.

“It’s terrible because the Wi-Fi does not work or it takes forever to load what you need,” first year Paszkiewicz said.

Paszkiewicz and some of his first-year classmates shared this frustration about the scheduling process. Though every student faces their own trials and tribulations with the process, the first-years are able to learn from them and use the experience for future scheduling periods.

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