Students React to Hoyt Science Expansion Project

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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.–  Phase 3 of the Hoyt Science Center renovation is underway at Westminster College. This renovation will add laboratories and resources for math and science majors alike, projecting to be completed by 2021.

Emilee Spozarski, a Math Major, attended the groundbreaking ceremony along with other students to share the excitement of the new project.

“I’m really excited because I’m a math major and they’re re-doing my department now, so I finally get to graduate with a re-vamped department, so I’m really excited to see what it looks like.”

This renovation won’t only benefit current students, however. Future students will be able to use the new features of the building while receiving a high-quality education.

“The Hoyt renovation expansion project is an incredible opportunity for this campus even though it won’t be available and finished by the time I graduate; I’m excited for the students who come after me, who will benefit from this expansion,” says Nursing Major Brandon Williams.

SGA President Megan Parker, also a Nursing major, is thrilled for future students who will be using the new building, as this renovation goes beyond its appearance. It will give students an opportunity to use updated equipment and be immersed in their work with everything they need to thrive.

“It just gives future students more opportunities to develop their education and that means a lot.”

There are plenty of majors that fall within the walls of the Hoyt Science Center. Science Majors will benefit immensely from not only the new technology, but the additional labs for learning, teaching, and experimenting.

“My education being a Neuroscience Major it’s going to improve it now that we’re going to have more facilities and more space and more technology that is being provided for us to the commonwealth. It’s an amazing feat that we’re getting such amazing things and it’s going to improve out education vastly,” says Tyler Snodgrass.

Although students share the most exciting things about the renovation and are excited to use them, there are some concerns.

“I have a lot of classes in the area that they’re doing renovations on so I have a feeling that we’re going to be moving around a lot to avoid jackhammering during a lecture, but hopefully it will all be worth it,” Emilee says.

Despite the loud noise and possible classroom relocations, however, some students don’t think the construction will pose too much of a problem within the regular school day.

“We were here during phase 1 and phase 2 as students as they were renovating and expanding inside the building. I don’t perceive too much of an issue, maybe just the occasional noise nuisance, but nothing major” says Brandon.

These students are very excited to see the final production of the Hoyt Science Center, despite the growing pains that come with it. Westminster campus will not only benefit from a beautiful new building but from students who will now have access to new resources.

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