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Update from the President: WC working with local business and financial aid mandate

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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa—President Kathy Richardson met with Lead College Correspondent Lauren Millhorn on April 6 to discuss interacting with local businesses and tracking student attendance to satisfy federal financial aid requirements.

The President is serving on a business committee with Vice President-Finance and Management Services Ken Romig to discuss promoting business growth in New Wilmington. Mayor of New Wilmington Borough Sherie Babb organized the committee. “Some good things are going to come out of that process,” President Richardson said. “We’re in the early stages of talking and planning. We were an active partner last summer in the launch of the new amphitheater in the Borough. We were rather big sponsors on that project. That had a great impact in a short time of bringing people together.”

Several businesses have opened on Market Street. The President says all buildings on the commercial side of the street are filled, with the exception of one that is being renovated prior to its opening. The building still in renovation will be a baklava pastry shop.

The also President shared that Brian and Angel Derrik are renovating the brick building across from Shenango on the Green into a Bed and Breakfast. The couple hopes to open the Bed and Breakfast—titled “Inn on Market”—by early summer.

“I think it’s going to be tremendously convenient for [people] who are visiting campus,” the President said. “I think it will have the capacity of, probably, five rooms, plus maybe a couple of apartments that you might be able to rent as well overnight. I think, eventually, a little small meeting space. I think it’s going to be a beautiful facility…If parents want to come and [visit] their student, it’ll be a really convenient place. I think it’ll be a wonderful addition. I am really pleased that that building is going to be used. They’re finishing renovations on it, and I love to see these classic buildings kept alive.”

President Richardson also addressed updates to the College’s compliance with Title IV, which permits approval for federal funding. Faculty must now submit the last day of attendance for any student who receives a failing/unsatisfactory grade in a course, or withdraws from a either a course or the College. This mandate verifies that students who receive financial aid are satisfying their academic obligations.

“It’s just really clarifying for our faculty what dates they should be aware of…We’ve done this in the past, but we thought it would be helpful to clarify for our faculty exactly what’s required.”

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