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Students struggle as Sodexo responds with pandemic safety and the lunch rush

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Galbreath photo

Lunch rush lines at Galbreath dining.

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- In light of the new normal, Westminster students are adapting to the new way the dining areas operate.  Due to COVID-19 seating restrictions, in Galbreath Dining and The Tub most people are opting primarily for take-out. 

The safety restrictions forced a change in the way students eat and interact with one another. It is no secret that Galbreath and the Tub have a significant lunch rush almost daily.

Jeff Creveling, General Manager of Westminster Sodexo, explained he and his staff have had to adjust with the lunch rush demands.

"The first couple of weeks of the fall semester at basically all colleges and universities across the country have a learning curve," Creveling said.

Creveling and his crew are focused on working out the kinks, and e is sure the efficiency of Galbreath dining and the Tub will improve.

We also asked Creveling how he feels about the safety aspect of the new system.

"We continue to review our safety practices every day. New information is updated as it comes in."

One thing that has not been discussed very heavily is the use of the green reusable containers. The reusable container idea was headed up by senior neuroscience major, Julia Serbati, during the 2019 school year.

The concept of the green containers was to cut back on waste from disposable containers to help the environment. Due to safety guidelines, Westminster is currently prohibited from using the green reusable containers.

With the kinks being worked out and safety guideline updates happening every day, Westminster's food system is continuously in action. Creveling talked about improvements in the efficiency and convenience of Sodexo. However, his closing remarks were, "Right now, we are still focused on serving you safely and efficiently."

Students and staff are facing the COVID-19 learning curve together. Returning students see a completely new system: one that is trying to be as convenient and safe as possible. New students experiencing Westminster Dining for the first time have yet to see the full operating capacity.

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