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From across the sea: Sports star alumni Jack Grannahan makes new strides in England.

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Jack Granahan

New Wilmington pa – New opportunities Opened up for lacrosse alumni Jack Grannahan after his senior year here at Westminster college. Play Overseas is an organisation that allows college students to continue their lacrosse career after they graduate and gives them the opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom and do their masters degree. Jack reached out to this organisation, intrigued about the idea to explore further prospects.

Jack said “I actually heard about this agency when I was a sophomore at Westminster, so it has always been an option. When I got to be a senior, I just reached out to them to see if they could help me and they did.” He goes on to say “they did most of the hard work, marketing me as an athlete to schools in the UK. Once they connected me with a few schools, all I had to do was where I wanted to study and pray everything goes well.”

With an open mind set, Jack departed for Nottingham Trent University. So far, Jacks time overseas has been well spent and says he has been welcomed by some very friendly people, making friends fast. “Having an accent helps here and there” Jack said, referring to school work and social life and he had also commented on the cultural differences between the US and the UK. “I had the biggest culture shock my first two of three weeks here. It stems from just about everything from nightlife such as clubs and pubs, to clothing. So wearing a floral polo shirts like I do makes you stand out for sure.” Jack continues “It’s a big change, but a welcome one to be sure. It’s nice to see what the world is like away from home.”

Jack has been making the most of this brilliant opportunity he has been given and is continuing to stand out within his lacrosse career. As it is still early in the season, he has little to say about the team and coaches he plays with however, he is looking forward for what’s to come in the future and furthermore, is excited to see the stride he will make.

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