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NO FLORIDA: Softball Headed to the Beach this Spring

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New Wilmington, Pa. -- With the concerns of COVID-19 outbreaks in the state of Florida, several Titan sports teams were sent scrambling to change travel plans so they can still enjoy a team trip elsewhere in the country. This news moved the Westminster Softball team, who usually travels to the middle of Florida each year during Spring Break.

“We are also going to South Carolina. It was kind of hard to find another venue, Florida is the place to go. There is a smaller tournament in South Carolina that we will do this year,” said Softball Head Coach Jan Reddinger. “We are in North Myrtle Beach; the name of our tournament is Fastpitch Classic”.

“The only other tournament was Arizona, but it was too costly, it was a good option. But once you figure out all the costs it was a little overwhelming” said Reddinger.

The travel changes did send the coaching staff crunching the numbers as North Myrtle Beach is a more expensive option than their usual spot. It has the Titans taking a different form of transportation than what they are used to getting to the beach this spring.

“It’s not any cheaper because of the type of the tournament it is, it was fairly cheap to go to the middle of Florida during spring break. That is not a big spring break area, so things aren't too costly. There is also a little better competition in the Florida tournament, obviously because there are fewer teams in South Carolina, but playing period is good for you. It's not a bad option” Reddinger said optimistically on her team getting to compete on a spring break trip again. “We are going to drive; we usually do fly because it is cheaper than taking a bus for us. We have less than thirty people that would split the cost of taking a bus, whereas baseball has a lot more players, so the bus is more cost effective for them. We are just going to take vans this year, it’s not ideal. We could fly at a decent rate but there are no direct flights. It would be all day traveling anyway, so why not just hop in a van”.

Westminster College will be on spring break from March 12th - 20th 2022. The Holcad will continue to follow up with the teams’ to highlight their new travel plans, along with any changes to their trips.

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