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Mike Annarella is 2015 Westminster alumni who is now a Communications Coordinator for the Cleveland Browns.

“The biggest duty that comes along with this position is handling the media availability of all of our players and assistant coaches. Anytime someone wants to interview a guy, they reach out to me and I facilitate that for them. I do a lot of our press releases, produce statistical packets for the broadcast teams, as well as different game notes or anything that can make our team shine a little better, “said Annarella about his position. He has also held several other internships and jobs such as with the NHL Stadium Series, Pittsburgh Penguins and the NCAA D1 March Madness tournament.

“Not every player or coach is going to want to do media. Sometimes your team loses, and games just happen. Some guys don’t want to talk to the media right after something like that goes down, so it's my job to get them to that place where they want to speak to the press and deliver a message that helps our organization look the best that it can,” said Annarella about the hardships of his job.

“The biggest thing I did [to prepare myself] was work for Nate LaRiccia in the Sports Information Department. He really introduced me to what sports public relations was and what goes into it, along with the hours and the little things that you really wouldn’t know before going into the field. That is kind of where I fell in love with it here at Westminster.” Annarella was also a football player for a few years at Westminster. “I think it definitely helps you understand where the guys are coming from. If they are coming from practice, they may be tired and not as willing to do media at that time. Also, it gives you a little bit of a taste on what they go through daily. The other thing is the understanding of the game, the different statistics and what is happening on the field. There are all those little intangible things you might not know if you didn’t play the game.”

Lastly, Annarella stated that although he is a New Castle native, he is 100% a Browns fan now!

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