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Dance Theatre

Halle Nerone practices ballet during a class before dance theatre rehearsal 

BLEGGI: How long have you each been dancing?

HAMPLETON: I’ve been dancing since elementary school

Nerone: I’ve been dancing since I’ve been 2 years old and I’ve danced ever since.

BLEGGI: You guys have been dancing a while, what is it about dance that you love?

HAMPLETON: It gives me time to express myself, it’s almost like telling a story with using my body. Plus its super fun and relaxing.

NERONE: It truly is a way of expressing your emotions and it just a good way to let some steam off and have fun.

BLEGGI: Were you both actively seeking out a way to continue dancing when you came to college?

HAMPLETON: I was hoping Westminster had a dance organization here and I met a few girls my freshman year that invited me to Dance Theatre and I’ve been in Dance Theatre ever since.

NERONE: I was definitely looking for a way to continue dancing throughout college. When I came here to visit I wasn’t really sure what Westminster offered, but through word of mouth I found Dance Theatre.

BLEGGI: What is something you would want first year students to know about Dance Theatre?

HAMPLETON: Come join Dance Theatre, you’ll love it. It gives you a break from doing your work. You can bring your friends here. A lot of people think it’s only for girls, but it’s for girls and guys. It’s super fun you’ll love it.

NERONE: Try it out. It’s definitely an outlet for people who have danced and have no dance experience. For someone like me, it was a place where I could come and build on the foundation I already had. For new people that have no experience that I’ve seen come in have been able to learn a lot about dance and really just explore dance as a whole.

Dance Theatre meets in the Old Main studios on Thursday nights from 8PM to 9PM.


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