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Instead of Running out and buying a new camera to take photos, why not use the one you have with you? Here are some quick beginner tips for taking better photos with your iPhone.


  1. Use Landscape Not Profile
    • For most cases, you’ll want to have your phone so your photos are landscape. So instead of snapping those pictures with it upwards, turn it sideways and try that way instead.
  2. Use the Rule of Thirds
    • The rule of thirds is like dividing your image up into 9 different equal parts using lines. The rule of thirds says to place your focus on one of the intersections of those lines. Well now what if you don’t have an idea of where those lines intersect?
  3. Turn the Grid on
    • By going into the settings and manually turning the grid on your phone, it will help while taking photos as it will show you while taking the image where your subject should be placed.
  4. Crop Images to cut out clutter or to follow the rule of thirds
    • If you took an image quick and didn’t really have time to frame it or follow the rule of thirds, you can just crop the image down! Cropping can help reduce the clutter that could be distracting on your image.
  5. Use the Golden Hour
    • Golden hour is a time shortly after the sun rises or shortly before the sun sets where the lighting is less harsh and redder in color. Using this time can help bring warmth to the color along with some dimensions with the shadows. It’s usually an hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise that is the best time to find this lighting.
  6. Hold down on your subject to force it to focus there
    • If your phone won’t seem to focus on the subject of your image, hold your finger on the subject for a few moments to manually lock onto the focus.


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