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ORLANDO– Recent WC grads Jackie Shultz and Zack Hynus made the move to Orlando in August to start working at Disney World.

This past week they have been dealing with the impact and aftermath of hurricane Irma.

More than 120 homes were evacuated early Monday in the Orlando area as floodwaters started to pour in. Firefighters and National Guardsmen went door-to-door and used boats to ferry families to safety.

Meanwhile winds thrashed the hometown of Disney, Universal, and Sea World.

Hynus, who works at Magic Kingdom in the merchandise department says that preparing for this hurricane was different for each area in Florida. For his area of Orlando they weren’t impacted as much as others but being prepared is never underrated.

“To prepare for the storm my roommates and I went out to get board game.  We went to different parks and got different games to keep us entertained as we expected to lose power.”

Shultz, who works as a photo pass photographer at Animal Kingdom explained that many Floridians have had positive attitudes and even added humor into this serious situation. Many have taken to social media to post funny Facebook groups and memes like this one below.

Courtesy Jackie Shultz

“We did get hit last night but by the time it hit us I believe it was a category 2, we experienced a lot of heavy winds and rain.”

Both Hynus and Shultz stayed safe through the storm and they were among the few in the Sunshine State who never lost power.

Disney sent in recovery teams to start cleaning up the parks today so they can hopefully reopen tomorrow.

With all of our graduates safe and sound we are thankful that Hurricane Irma did not take as much of a toll as we thought and are glad that Shultz and Hynus will be back working at Disney very soon.

Universal Orlando said Monday that all three of its parks will reopen at 9 a.m. Tuesday. Universal was closed down ahead of Irma.

Universal said its facility suffered relatively minor damage to fences, trees and building facades.

Disney World, Sea World and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay said Monday that they assessing damage and would announce their reopening plans later. All three theme parks said they never lost power.

Sea World also said all of its animals are safe.


Emily Bondi & Mackenzie Basalla produced this story with additional information from the Associated Press.

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