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By Hayley McGuigan

One very recognizable trait about our home of little old New Wilmington is the amount of corn fields you see but this isn’t just any cornfield here, its Irons Mill Farmstead.

They are located in New Wilmington about an 10 minute drive from campus. The Farm has many of activities for every age. As an added bonus, for college students, with a valid ID you get a discounted entrance fee to help us broke college kids out. The farm itself is more geared towards children, but there is something for everyone. There are not one, but two corn mazes.

One is a mini maze and the other is the 10 acre maze. The mini maze is geared towards  younger kids so its not challenging. Then there is the larger maze, which is 10 acres, is most challenging and long. It is for the more adventurous for anyone willing to take on the challenge.

Their theme for the corn maze this year was “Corn Story”. Which is a play on the very popular Toy Story 4, that came out earlier this year. It’s not just a corn maze, there are pig races, giant rollin “tumbleweeds”, tractor rides, a candy cannon, apple blasters and many more activities.They also hold special events on the farm. This consists of an annual pumpkin festival in October, and a crazy costume clue days for kids in November. The dates of more of the events are all located on their website.

They also have goats that you can feed and pet, who doesn’t love that! Which they are very cute and very friendly with everyone. There are even a multitude of food options to chow down on. There are 8 different food vendors total on the farm. Everything from the local New Castle, Augustine’s Pizza to amazing BBQ pulled pork nachos at the farms Fire house supreme fries and nachos, and to even customizable drinks at the Paris pretzels and soda fountain.

Irons Mill Farmstead is not only a farm to visit, it also happens to be a well-known local wedding venue. There is a bridal suite that is located just on the out skirts of the farm.They happen to have a huge barn that is sectioned and dedicated to being the wedding venue. Parking is never an issue as parking for the venue is different from that of the farmstead activities.

You can see a brief preview of the farm on our vimeo channel at the following link,


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