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Discovering a Hidden Mercer County Gem

MERCER, PA- Traveling along the back roads of Volant and Mercer, you can find Leesburg Station Road that leads to an isolated fine jeweler’s shop called Bruno Fine Jewelers Diamonds By the Waterfall. In the fall, you can find many beautiful colors and amazing scenery around this popular landmark. It’ll take a bit of effort to get up close, but these photos will show you exactly what you’ll see.

A trip back into the woods had all the sounds and smells that everyone loves about Fall. The smell of the trees, wet grass, and especially the waterfall as the mist fills your nose. Birds chirping and leaves crumbling underneath your feet provide blissful music to your ears. If there are places to escape and just be one with your surroundings and mind, Bruno’s Fine Jeweler’s by the Waterfall is a fantastic place to be. Don’t be afraid to take a friend too, it’s an adventure that anyone can enjoy. This place is full of eye candy for any level photographer or observer.

As a plus, Bruno’s Fine Jeweler’s specializes in the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds and rare gems. Goldsmiths creating objects of beauty in a natural environment allow a romantic and historic experience unlike any jewelry store in the country. What could be better?

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