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Image contributed by Krislina Mercer

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa—Many first-year students at Westminster struggle with living away from home for the first time.  You miss your parents.  Your siblings—even pets.  For 18-year old Krislina Mercer from Virginia, the college transition was tough.  But she’s made it through her first year of college.  In spite of the early shock of moving to New Wilmington.  Reporter Dwayne Brown takes us through her freshman year and how she’s adjusted to life on a small campus


DB:  Krislina Mercer says she was shocked…

at small the class of 20-20 was…

when she moved into Russell Hall last August.

It actually turned out to be blessing.

KM: “I enjoy the connection that I have with my professor…

DB:  But she was also worried that college would be too hard for her.

KM: “Time management thinking that I had a lot time to like do an assignment or project but you find yourself procrastinating then you stay up all night to do that one assignment.

DB: Mercer just like a lot of freshmen were dealing with home sickness.

She missed her family


And especially her mother.

Her mother is a Sergeant First Class Ranked 7th in the Virginia National Guard.

To make things worse the National Guard deployed her for active duty in the Kuwait located in the Middle East.

KM: “She was moving out the house putting everything in storage and I’m like wait a minute so it was a big difference for me.

DB: She says she hopes to see her mom this summer.

Mercer says not talking to her mom was very hard for her in college.

KM: “She couldn’t have contact, she couldn’t email, she couldn’t talk on the phone, she couldn’t text anything.

DB: The Nation Guard is letting her come home for a visit.

KM: “I think I would be so shocked and excited I would only be able to do is cry honestly. It’s been a long time since I saw her.

DB: She hopes her mom is proud of her finishing out her freshmen year.

Because it was tough.

Her first semester she struggled.

But by her second semester she had everything down packed.

Mercer plans on being more active in clubs and sports going into Sophomore year.

KM: “I can do way better. my freshmen year was really me adjusting to the college life.

DB: She’s all set for her second year in college.

Mercer plans on having a better start her Sophomore year than her Freshman year.

If she could go back in time she would give advice to herself.

And even give advice to upcoming freshmen.

KM: “You cannot wait till the last minute.

DB: Mercer is an outgoing person.

She’s was involved in dance theater.

Now she has declared her major as Public Relations.

And she is pumped to start her Sophomore year in college off right.

I’m Dwayne Brown from w-c-n 24-seven.



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