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OWINGS MILLS, Md.- Joe Ligo, is a 2014 Westminster graduate who knows one or two things about cars. While at Westminster, he was an up and coming broadcast student who also released an Emmy award-winning documentary for his capstone.

Joe currently has his dream job working for PBS for the show “Motorweek”. He is a producer and lead editor at PBS. We follow Joe’s story on how he ended up with his dream job.

(Recording from PBS show)

The feeling of waking up everyday with a smile because you get to go to work doing what you love is something Westminster Grad Joe Ligo does everyday.

Joe is the video editor and producer for the PBS show, “Motorweek.”

(Nat sound of editing)

Joe figured out how to turn his hobby into a career

Joe Ligo received a College Emmy for his student documentary, “The Unfortunate History of the AMC Pacer.”

Joe: When I was in high school I got interested in video and cameras and all that stuff. And I wanted to go to school for Media Production or broadcasting or television. It has a million different names, but I wound up picking Westminster and I entered the broadcasting program there from day 1. I always liked video editing because its kind of where you get to finally see everything come to life and you have so much control over the music, and the image, and all that stuff. So I liked editing because it in my mind is kind of one of the most interesting parts of the process. But no, I still to have a hand in everything if I can. So like to be able to do a little bit of producing, a little bit of writing, a little bit of editing is fun because in broadcasting there’s jobs where you can edit all day and that sometimes gets a little stale. So its nice to have a little bit of variety in there.

Joe didn’t predict himself to end up in his dream job so fast, he did a short internship while at Westminster but he acquired a small Broadcasting job in Pittsburgh

Joe: I graduated a semester early because I actually at the time it kind of came down to the wire. I just finished my capstone. I was interviewing for a job that had opened in Pittsburgh.

It was this capstone documentary that won Joe a trip to Los Angeles California

Joe: my capstone actually helped me get a lot. Because it was about cars and where I work now is about cars and they say “oh wow, this kid right out of college produces an award-winning documentary film about cars. You know, we want him on board”. It turned out the place where I work now at Motor Week on PBS I had interned there when I was in college and when I was working on my capstone.

Joe sent his award-winning documentary on a flash drive, glued onto a matchbox car to Motorweek and they were impressed

Joe: they say “oh wow, this kid right out of college produces an award-winning documentary film about cars. You know, we want him on board”.

Joe currently has no plans on leaving his job, but continues to pursue other projects as well. He has a popular car hobby youtube channel, and plans to release a new documentary as well

I’m Atit Amin reporting for WCN 247.



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