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Local Spot to Explore

I take my Jeep on all my adventures.


Looking to get off campus and do a little adventuring? I have the perfect oasis for you.


It is located 7.2 Miles away from Westminster College. Right off of Route 19 on Falls Road in Springfield Township. There is a quaint natural waterfall. This is a great place to relax and get a breath of fresh air.


I went on the perfect day. The weather was decently enjoyable, but the ice still remained present on a lot of the rocks by the falls. The water was still rushing. It is known to the locals as Leesburg Falls, but according to many other sources the actual name is Springfield Falls.


I did not venture down the side of the hill to go down to the falls, seeing that everything was very slippery, but I would highly suggest going down the hill in better weather. This location has many trails that wrap around the woods above the waterfall. To which you can find many old campfire rings from multiple visitors. The view itself is very scenic and photogenic.


I’d suggest wearing old shoes cause you will get them dirty, you’ll have to climb over and under many fallen tree’s, even pass through a little stream. Balance would be a key thing to have if you decide to venture any further. You’ll have to scale a few rocks along the way.


Before you leave, near the parking lot there is a spring which contains fresh water. Many of the local residents come there to get water for their own personal use, bringing a multitude of bottles to collect the water in.

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