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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. — This isn’t your grandparent’s Shakespeare.

Westminster College’s Theatre Program is performing the new pop-rock musical, Love’s Labour’s Lost, which modernizes, William Shakespeare’s romantic comedy of the same name.

The setting of the musical is like a beach resort, and there are a lot of interesting backdrops. The set is also going to include an addition to the stage that goes into the audience, and at some point in the show is featuring a hot tub.

“In terms of the set, we’re going to have a hot tub on the stage! There are a lot of ridiculous, silly situations that the characters get into so why not have a hot tub,” said Westminster Theater professor, Dr. Karen Dabney.

People working on the set for WC musical production Love’s Labour’s Lost.

The musical focuses on four men and four women, who reunite five years after college has ended. At the reunion, the men decide that they are going to focus on their work and swear off women. The women, however, are still very interested in romance, love triangles, and are very clever. College students can relate to this show because it is about young love, and how we can get carried away with it.

“Even though we have good intentions sometimes our hormones get the best of us,” said Dabney.

The show is full of music including around twenty different songs. The music is relatable to college students and sounds as if it could be on the radio today.

“One of my favorite songs is titled, ‘Love’s a Gun,’” said Dabney, “It is a phenomenal song, very edgy, love torn, and definitely like something you would hear on the radio.”

The musical is full of hilarity including an outlandish foreign exchange student from Spain. The characters consist of townspeople, students, and professors from the world of academia. Students will enjoy the portrayal of the relationship between those in town and college folk.

“The character list really makes the show relatable to our collegiate audience, and they make it a good time,” said Dabney, “This relationship reminds me of the situation we have in the small town of New Wilmington.”

Students, faculty, and staff have been putting a lot of hours of work into this production. Right from the start of classes auditions took the entire first week, and they have been working on the set, costumes, building props, lighting, and instruments ever since. There is a core staff of work-study students, as well as volunteer workers doing the work.

“In terms of rehearsal time, we have rehearsal most nights of the week including some weekends,” said Dabney, “Yes, everyone is working very hard.”

The songs are by Michael Friedman, and the book was adapted by Alex Timbers. The performance will be directed by Lester Malizia.

The show will run on October 11th through the 13th, 2018 at 7:30 p.m., and on October 14th, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. in Beeghly Theater.

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