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PITTSBURGH– The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium have four new baby lynx kittens.

At just seven weeks old, the kittens are getting their first wellness exam. Dr. Ginger Sturgeon, our Director of Animal Health and her team, will weigh them, determine gender, and give them their first vaccines.

The kittens were born t on May 8.  Kittens are born blind, toothless, and weigh less than a pound. At about two weeks old, their eyes open and are a bright blue color. As they mature, their eye color will darken to a brownish hazel. Their fur is light gray as kittens, but it will darken with black markings as they grow, which enables them to blend in with their native surroundings.

As the kittens grow, they are becoming extremely active and more curious. Under the watchful eye of Mom, who is very protective of her young family, they are starting to venture outside the nesting den more often. They are also learning to meow.

The Canadian lynx is a North American mammal found in Canada, Alaska, and the northern United States. Agile cats, they can move through several inches of snow with ease. Ninety-six percent of their diet in the wild is snowshoe hares.

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