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By: Haley Bedalota


We hear about her, we read about her, but do we really know her?

Here’s a glimpse of WESPY’s 2019 female athlete of the year.

Mason explains her reasoning to transfer to Westminster

“It’s just the bigger school just wasn’t for me, I wasn’t that into football, I’m not really into the whole partying scene so I just kind of felt like an outsider there.”

Margo was a transfer from Penn State. She adds why Westminster was such a great fit for her.

“I love Westminster just like everything about it, the size, the people, how you can play your sports that you played in high school while also doing school I think that’s great.”

Being a Titan can come in a variety of ways, they can be student athletes, they can be musicians, they can be just normal students. For Margo she explains what it means to be a Titan.

“I think being a Titan means that you work hard in academics and sports and your good at balancing the both of them and also staying very social while doing that because the amount of students here that are athletes is pretty high so we kind of all understand each other and get along really well.”

Margo faces more challenges as an athlete than most. Not only do you see her on the field playing lacrosse.

But you’ll also see her on the tennis court.

Like any athlete there is difficulty in having a true favorite in a sport you play.

She elaborates on the love she has for both sports.

“I think tennis is a different sport than any other sport that I’ve played because it requires so much technique and discipline and practice because with lacrosse I really rely on my athleticism to get by but in tennis there are things that athleticism can’t get you, you really need the hours and the lessons and the clinics to become the best that you can be.”

As an athlete and as a senior you want to learn from someone whose been there.

“I like to try and lead by example and try staying positive, I’m huge on positivity on the court and on the field because I think every time your negative it brings people around you down.”

Being such a prominent figure on campus is exciting and there is weight to come with it.

But for Margo she lives in the present.

She’s confident in her game.

She’s confident in her studies

She is a Titan.


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