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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – A half a decade ago, the Westminster College golf program had seen a low point.

With a small number of recruits arriving on campus and decent tournament scores, a change for the program was necessary.  That’s when Westminster named Mathew Torrence head coach of the men’s golf program.

He was a former Titan golfer and his coaching experience included time as the head boys’ golf coach at Hampton High School for 10 years. Torrence graduated from Westminster in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in business.

His first task was to bring in more players to add to the current players. Each year, the number of incoming first-year students ready to play has increased significantly. From 5 players to 12 players as of today, Torrence has exceeded expectations.

After the resignation for the Women’s golf coach came through, Torrence made a program-changing decision. This was to coach both the Men and Women’s team, a task only a few people would be able to accomplish.

“It’s very difficult obviously sometimes,” said Torrence. With a tough transition at first, Torrence has now found a rhythm where both teams can benefit equally. Although he can’t make every match for each team, Assistant Coach Dave Heineman is always there to help.

Perhaps the greatest achievement so far is a dream for every golfer. This was possible with the help of alumni like Bill Rankin and many others. Torrence and Rankin met one day for lunch, and the idea for an indoor facility was discussed.

A few short months later, the groundwork on the bottom floor of Eichenauer began. With a putting green, two simulators for range work and a locker room, this facility is nothing short of exceptional.

“We can practice year-round,” said Torrence, “Secondly, it’s a great social meeting place for the men and women. Which is always great for the teams to be socially integrated.”


The Westminster Men’s and Women’s team under Coach Torrence has nothing but success and good times ahead of them.

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