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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. –The song you are listening to is the Westminster fight song played by no other than the Titan Marching Band.

History of the Westminster Marching Band can be found as far back as the 1930s.

The band has won multiple awards and branched off to different types of bands.

But from the outside looking in, people don’t see the appeal to marching band. Some people doubt that there are benefits from being apart of the marching band.

I’ve decided to dig deeper and go into the behind the scenes of Westminster’s marching band.

As I roamed the music hall, I heard people practicing their instruments. Luckily, I met some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. All of them were apart of the marching band.

Abby Grabigel and Ethan Hamill shared some of their background histories.

“I’ve been in marching band since 7th grade. I started as a band manager, so I was like a roadie you help unpack the cases and help with whatever they need.”

“I also joined marching band in 7th grade, started playing in 5th grade and my brother was also in music and joined the marching band, and he seemed like he had fun, so I decided to try it too.”


I also got in touch with the band director Tad Grieg who has been involved with the band for over 35 years. He told me about some of the opportunities you get as a band member.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity socially to meet a lot of other students so when the kids come in early they come in a week before band camp first-year students especially it is a great time for them to meet other students, a lot of other students that share the same major as them they get acclimated to the campus, and you know the school and that kind of things, basically, so that’s one that’s a side benefit. I think  one of the other opportunity is it allows you to continue making music following their high school career so they don’t have to put the instrument away or they don’t have to put the flags away.”
As a past band member, I can say that all of your work in the band pays off. You become a family and a team, just like any other sport. On top of that, you get to go to every football game and create memories. You will meet people who are in all kinds of majors.

“You meet people from all around the state, all around the country, all around the world. And you meet all sorts of people apart from just music majors. You meet biology majors, accounting majors, broadcasting majors all different forms of walks of life come together for the sake of the marching band.

“I make a lot of connections when I am in marching band, in high school yes I hung out with the same people but, I probably wouldn’t have met those people without marching band so marching band gave me a really great friend base then coming here, I didn’t know anybody here obviously and I was scared in the transition process then I met some really great people, Ethan included and now I have a really good friend base here at Westminster.”

Not only is it a great social experience, but you are also able to put a lot of work into your music and sound as great as this.

Looking inside out in the Music Hall, this is Shay Stanley.

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