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SHARON, Pa. (AP) – A Pennsylvania prosecutor says a police officer was justified in fatally shooting a man who allegedly waved a utility knife at police and told them he would kill them – or they would have to kill him.

Mercer County District Attorney Miles Karson Jr. announced Tuesday no criminal charges will be filed against the Sharon police officer who shot 23-year-old Sean Ryan Hake on Jan. 6.

Hake’s mother had called 911 to report Hake was out of control and had held a razor blade to her throat. By the time police arrived, the prosecutor said she was gone and her son was sitting in a car with self-inflicted cuts to his wrist and throat.

Police said they tried talking to Hake but he instead threatened them and advanced with the knife before he was shot.

The officers had Tasers but didn’t use them. Karson says that was appropriate given the life-and-death nature of the confrontation.

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