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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– Have you ever imagined a giant Monopoly board or how about super-sized Jenga. Molly Somora shows us how Westminster chaplain supersized one of his favorite games.

Reverend James Mohr is always looking for a new project and something fun to do. During a family gathering recently he played a supersized Jenga set. When asking where they got it they said they got it at the store but, Mohr thought why not make a homemade set for a much better price. He thought this would be a great gift for Christmas and for Birthdays.

He currently is making his second set of supersized Jenga. Although it looks like the game would be hard to make, Mohr took me to his workshop to show how easy it is to make your own set.

Not only does Mohr make it for gifting purposes but also has his chapel groups play as well. He’s reintroducing a traditional game to millenials who grew up with electronic games.

No matter the game, this game is great to play with all ages. Bringing a group of individuals together to have teamwork and building the woodblock tower taller but making it less stable.

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