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NEW CASTLE, Pa.– Police in New Castle rescued a 10 week old puppy Sunday afternoon from a Westview Terrace apartment on Sunday.

Officers responded to a burglary call, but found an empty apartment.  They also found a severely malnourished puppy.   They say she was so weak she couldn’t hold up her head.

They say the dog may have been locked in the apartment for a couple weeks with no food and no water.

The Lawrence County Humane Society is now nursing the her back to health.  They’ve named her Miranda.  They report she is gaining weight.  She’ll remain with them until she’s healthy enough for adoption   The veterinarians say she’s making progress and will recover.

Here is the original video posted by NCPD when the pup could not stand up.   Officers say the puppy’s condition was so bad the veteraniran that treated her spectulated  she probably would have died in the next 24 hours.

According to one Facebook post by NCPD noted officers were working to track down the previous tenants of the apartment.

“Criminal Charges are pending against the previous occupant of the residence for neglect of the animal.”

Image source: NCPD


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