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by Shaemour Young

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. — Westminster’s new editor-in-chief of The Holcad is Sydney Roach. She’s served as a writer and copy editor for the campus newspaper.  And she has newsroom experience in radio, television, and the web.  She’ll tap into all that experience as The Holcad transitions to an online publication. 

Sydney Roach in the Holcad News room

The Holcad will go to an online format to save money.  Paper and printing costs have skyrocket forcing even commercial newspapers like The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to shift it’s focus to online coverage.  However, special print editions will mark events on campus like homecoming and the Mock Convention. 

The newspaper will also rely on more unpaid staff to cover stories and copy edit.  Holcad managers will also recruit student reporters from journalism courses and volunteers.

“It’s a little hectic at times trying to balance it with all my other work, but it’s been really fulfilling for me.”

Roach came into Westminster as an exploratory, not knowing where she belonged.  She declared Multimedia Journalism as her major and she’s embraced the challenges of learning to cover news across media platforms.

Roach, as the new editor-in-chief, has goals she wants to achieve. She says she wants her team to know each other. Wants more face to face interactions, more video, and audio podcast, even post on social media more.

With Westminster going through budget cuts, I got to ask how she feels with the changes. She says it’s bittersweet, but she is looking at it very positively. She says writing for the radio is way different from what she expects.

Roach says when she graduates, she is hopeful she can work for NPR. Overall she will go where the wind takes her because she is not scared of change. 

“Change does always have to be a bad thing.”


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