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Pictured is NCPD Officer John George wearing his body camera.

NEW CASTLE, Pa.– New Castle’s patrol officers are now wearing body cameras.  The NCPD’s announced the move to implement body-worn cameras started on Monday.  According to a Facebook post from the department, the devices document responses to incidents as well as all contact with citizens.  Video from the cameras provides critical information for conducting impartial and transparent conduct by officers.

Every uniformed officer and uniformed street supervisor will wear the body camera as part of their uniform.  NCPD has 30 Axon Bodyworn cameras.  New Castle employs more than 40 officers.  The city will spend more than $109,000 for the cameras and support technology.

“The footage captured can be used as evidence in criminal proceedings,” the NCPD posted. “It can be used by police supervisors and police trainers as a tool to reinforce best practices for safe citizen encounters. It also protects the officer against false accusations.”

“The New Castle Police Department is confident these body-worn cameras will increase the standard of excellence that we strive for here at the New Castle City Police Department.” 


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