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New Castle’s Lost Treasure

New Castle, Pa- New life is being brought back to a lost New Castle treasure.


Cascade park in New Castle first opened in 1897. It quickly became an attraction for people living in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. By 1934, the park had 17 rides, could hold 2,000 campers, and a 15-acre lake.


Over time, the park was forgotten. A crack in the dam caused the lake to drain and the park was deteriorating due to lack of attention. In the 1970s, the Paws and Taws Square Dancers were looking for a place to dance. They raised the funds to repair the pavilion, which sparked the revitalization of the park.


On summer days, guests can meet in the pavilion, enjoy Italian ice, play on the playground, and attend events at the park.


In the winter, there are much fewer guests, but I was able to enjoy the natural beauty of the park undisturbed by other visitors. Big Run passes directly through the park, adding to the natural beauty. Between the beautiful boulders, frozen river, and cascading waterfall, Cascade Park is a perfect escape for the people of New Castle.

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