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By: Jaclyn Bleggi

NEW WILMINGTON, PA (WC)—Westminster college has announced that the environmental studies major is now available for students to declare. It is an interdisciplinary major thats offers students a way to apply environmental studies to their future jobs, without having to have a heavy science workload. The major focuses on subjects such as environmental policy, law, and sustainability.

In order to give students a broader skillset the environmental studies major requires either a minor or second major.

“So the environmental studies major is a program that is really liberal arts focused so it is looking at environmental issues from the lens of the liberal arts perspective. So of course we want to bring in the science, but also the political and societal implications, the economics of it.” Said Boylan “So the students are sort of well rounded and have a broad understanding without having to do the store of hard core rigorous environmental science major that we have”  Stated Dr. Helen Boylan, director of the Center for the Environment at Westminster and professor of chemistry.

The environmental studies major shares some similar requirements with the environmental science major, such as  required internship, interdisciplinary learning, and capstone experience designed to identify real environmental issues. The combined environmental studies major is the first major of this nature in the region.

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