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One space in the Westminster College Memorial Field house got a special face lift this year.  The New Chet and Hilda Claire Student- Athlete Lounge opened in late August.  This brand new State-of-the-Art Student- Athlete lounge is now open to the nearly 450 student athletes on campus.  It is open to the students for a place to study, relax, or just hang out and is conveniently located in the Field House where you can often find student athletes.

This new space was made possible by Westminster alumni Chet and Hilda Claire, both student athletes from the class of 1949.  The lounge is air conditioned and has couches and chairs along with table space for students to use.  Junior Soccer player Hanna Erdmann says, “It gives athletes another place on campus to go beside maybe the library cause it might be closer for them or maybe more convenient for them to stop by here before practice or after practice cause really your life revolves around this field house whenever you’re in season.”  WCN reporter Tori Zabo stopped by to give us a look.

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