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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.– As Westminster College football enters the off-season. Spectators are eager to know whats’ to come for the upcoming season. These athletes have devoted countless hours in the gym and weight room. Only to have one thing in hindsight, the PAC Championship.

In the podcast you will hear from two of your fellow titan football players, and how  their devotion to staying in shape and maintaining excellence. Only to purse the Pac championship.

(WALTER)    James Leon hits the weight room at Memorial Field every day.  It’s not just week days— it’s every day.  SATURDAY. And Sunday.

Leon’s expertise for the Titans— pass rusher.  He’s all about the DEFENSE.  And in the gym that’s about power. Power from benching and squatting.

LEON- I’m always thinking about getting better each and every day.  There’s no off season for me.

(WALTER)  But he’s not spending winter and spring on the field.  Keeping the quarterback in the pocket.

The field at Burry Stadium is occupied by the lacrosse teams  in the spring. No quarterbacks on Memorial Field.  So Leon is focused in the gym.

LEON-LIfting heavy weight…applying to the field.. So I do a lot of poly metrics.  and applying it to the gym.  Without necessarily having to go out on the field.  

(WATLER)-  Leon does go out on the field. He works on mechanics and techniques.  That includes footwork and hand placement.  Strength and conditioning coach Dylan Hogue wants his players in the gym pushing their limits with the weights.

(HOGUE)- Working on weakness both physically and mentally.  Building the culture of the program.  Leading into camp.

((Walter)) Camp rolls around the 2nd week of August.  But before summer— theres spring ball.

It’s the time they DO spend  time on the field.  That’s when the running backs and receivers come out of the weight room and build their skill set.  Rain or shine…they get outside.

(HOGUE)- Hopefully transfer all the stuff….football player overall

(WALTER)) Bryce Hill is one of the Titan’s running back.  He returns as a senior. His off-season goals is to pack on the muscle.  But increase his running speed and agility.  He wants to hit four-four.  That’s 40-yards in 4 seconds. 

(HILL) My quickness— I mean I work on my quickness…up to par.

((Walter)) Hill does a lot footwork drills.  He does them on campus.  And he does them at home in Florida.  

((HILL)) I do cone driills— like resistance…

(WALTER)  Back in the weight room— You can witness Leon squatting 540.  He looks like a massive man— with boy face.  He’s a serious bodybuilder— with goals of building a season with the Titans— a season to take the PAC title.

((LEON))—Break the barrier of fighting ourselves in every game—- we could win the pac.  OTHER TEAM.

At Memorial Field House— I’m Walter Eugene for W-C-N-24-Seven.

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