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Many people believe in order to be a photographer or take nice pictures, you need an expensive camera. Well little do people know all you need is an iPhone.

The newer iPhones like the 6 plus, 7 plus and x all have the portrait mode. This mode is similar to what many photographers use on their DSLR cameras and certain lens. For me though, I don’t have that version of iPhone. I have the basic iPhone 6 and here I am sharing with you some simple tips that will give you a better photo.

Between watching the video and following these couple tips you will have a photo that went from mediocre to fantastic. It covers focus, lighting, depth of field, editing and the difference between landscape and portrait.

Tips to improve photography skills with your iPhone:

  1. Tap screen to focus image.
    • Sometimes when taking a picture your phone won’t know exactly what you want, especially when the image is darker. By simply tapping that screen it will put the image in focus.
  2. Use windows or the sun to get the best natural lighting.
    • When trying to light your image, make sure the lighting is on them and not behind the object.
  3. Turn phone upside down.
    • Turning the phone upside down with give a depth feature making the object stand out with the background beingblurred.
  4. Portrait or Landscape.
    • Portrait: Best used when taking a photo of 1 to 3 people
    • Landscape: Best used when taking a photo of 4 or more people. Also best when taking pictures of nature.
  5. Snapseed
    • This is an editing app that is simple and has all the tools to make your photo look like it was edited using an adobe program.

In one photo you can use each one of these tips. Start by finding your object, turn the phone upside down, tap the screen, make sure the natural lighting is on the object and determine if portrait or landscape would be better. Once the photo is finished upload it onto Snapseed and edit away. After following these simple steps you will become a photographer with an iPhone.

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