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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.–Hanna Erdmann: We as students make Westminster.  First year swimmer Alyssa Hampton is just one unique piece of what makes WC so special. Rachael Angermeier takes us into the life of a student with a not-so-typical background.

Rachael Angermeier: Many students that come to Westminster are from either Ohio or Pennsylvania, some even from Florida. But, Alyssa Hampton breaks the norm because she herself is from Alaska.

Alyssa Hampton is a vital part of the Titan Women’s swimming and diving team.

Alyssa Hampton: “I am from Anchorage, Alaska. It’s pretty…like…civilized. It’s not really like what most people would think Alaska is”

Rachael Angermeier: She explains that her hometown is just like it is anywhere else, probably just a bit prettier.

Alyssa Hampton: “So umm we have roads and schools and malls and regular things like you guys do but the scenery is probably more elevated, we have a lot mountains and a lot of places to hike. So Anchorage is kind of cool because it is a coastal city but you can get to a hike within like 15 minutes.”

Rachael Angermeier: Just like everyone else Alyssa went through the process of finding the perfect school.

Alyssa Hampton: “I looked at schools kind of all over the place. There were a lot of schools in California, Oregon, Washington, Maine. Ummm…just throughout the east coast so ummm yea it was kind of an interesting journey to kind of find out where I was going to go.”

Rachael Angermeier: But ultimately Westminster was the choice.

Alyssa Hampton: “So like I wanted to go to a school where I was able to you know that had my major but also be able to swim and do other things but not have it overwhelm my academics”

Rachael Angermeier: Though she didn’t fall in love with the school right away it was perfect for what she wanted.

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Alyssa Hampton: “So I didn’t want it to be super overwhelming. I didn’t want to go to a big school, I didn’t want to be in the city. I didn’t think So umm Westminster had enough of the things on my list it made it feel like I could probably make it home for the majority of the year.”

Rachael Angermeier: Being so for from what she knows brought on some homesickness. But Alyssa explains that she was able to battle it.

Alyssa Hampton: “I would just say it’s inevitable that you will be homesick. And umm and anyone is going to be homesick. even if you live half an hour away from school. So I just think the best thing is to ignore it the get involved in school and it will help distract you a bit.”

Rachael Angermeier: Alyssa was able to overcome the homesickness and make Westminster her new home. The school is home to many students and we all come together to make this place special. We make Westminster so I asked Alyssa what that phrase means to her.

Alyssa Hampton: “Umm…I think…hmm…well I think Westminster has a lot of different people and like we try to attract a lot of different people to come here. and so I think that the pharse, “We make Westminster” kind of embodies the mosaic we are. So many shapes and parts a pieces that come together to make a greater whole.”

Rachael Angermeier: “That’s beautiful actually I was thinking the same thing”

Alyssa enjoys her time her but already has her eyes set towards the future. She has a plan set for when she graduates.

Alyssa Hampton: Once I leave Westminster for right now the goal is just…I am a pre-med major…a pre-med track neuroscience major. So probably med-school umm…if not med school probably graduate school. But umm definitely I am probably not done with school once I finish at Westminster”

Rachael Angermeier: Alyssa has a long journey ahead of her but we know she will go on to do great things.

And make her future alma mater Westminster proud.  For WCN 24/7 I am Rachael Angermeier.

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