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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.- A previously homeless pop violinist performed a concert in Westminster College‘s Berlin Lounge at 8 p.m. Friday.

Twenty-seven-year-old Rhett Price is a pop violinist who gained popularity through his song covers on YouTube. During the concert Price played upbeat violin music to various pop/rap beats, showcasing both covers of popular songs and several original pieces.

Price began playing violin when he was four years old. His first record was more of a rock ‘n roll style, followed by his playing with a country band. He said he changed genres to pop because rock ‘n roll and country didn’t feel completely true to himself. He feels his YouTube covers have been his most successful works.

Price’s hardest challenge getting to where he is now was homelessness, he said. He slept in subways and parks, and spent $300 on a video of him playing the violin in a subway for money. It was that one video that jump-started his career.

One piece of advice Price would like to leave with Westminster students is the importance of not giving up on something you really believe in.

Current president of Westminster College’s Campus Programing Council, or CPC, Matt McDonald, explained that CPC found Price at a conference for up-and-coming artists. He was originally supposed to perform last semester, but couldn’t due to a broken shoulder, so CPC booked him for this semester.

The crowd danced in their chairs, clapped and cheered and shouted praise from their seats during Price’s performance.

“God, he’s talented,” Hunter Steinitz, a Westminster College senior who watched the show, said, “I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

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