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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa—Westminster’s latest speaker in the Diversity series, Kat Blaque urged people Friday March 3rd at 7 p.m. to accept themselves by explaining how she came to living in her truth.

“I was not fully living until the moment I realized I am transgender, black, an illustrator and an animator and I accepted it and did not care who knew,” Blaque said.

Blaque was brought to Westminster College by the Allies Club in the Witherspoon Room to share her story and how she came to accepting herself by not denying her truth to herself or anyone else. Blaque also brought awareness to racism, and the challenges queer gender and transgender people go through daily.

With Witherspoon full the audience took to her story very well, frequently laughing with her and smiling as she spoke up about issues.

“Kat is a refreshing view on what people’s opinion of a millennial is because she doesn’t have all the answers and is more easy to relate to as a human,” first year student Jamiroquai Ellison said after the speech.

Blaque spoke on her professional life and difficulties she faced in the work field as a black transgender. Blaque was attending Cal Arts as a film and animation major when she went through her transition. She shared several stories of hardships her transition created and tension with peers and family that arose.

Blaque’s hardships did not go away after college. After she graduated, she went right into work animating at studios, during which she faced several hardships with coworkers.

Blaque had turned to her blogs and YouTube channel as an outlet for expressing herself since she was in middle school. She frequently blogged whatever was going on in her life, and when she was younger a lot of them were about her dating life. She decided to get more serious about her YouTube career talking about more hard hitting topics when her career as a book illustrator did not go well.

“I went from talking about a guy who took me on a date to McDonald’s to how McDonald’s is a corrupt organization,” Blaque said.

Explaining how her channel was transforming into something that was more steady and letting her vocalize her opinions. Blaque created a new career out of an old passion of hers, and is now a successful YouTuber, Feminist and Racism and LGBTQ activist.


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