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By: Natalie Fox

NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. – Connor May is a junior on the Mens Westminster College Dive Team. He currently holds all Westminster dive records which he broke in his 2017/2018 season. He earned all American honors both years on the team, as well as all PAC first team honors both seasons.  WCN 24/7’s Natalie Fox talks one on one with May about the upcoming diving season.

 NATALIE FOX: So Connor, given your accomplished first two seasons on the dive team here at Westminster, what are your personal goals and expectations for the upcoming 2019/2020 season? 

CONNOR MAY: “My personal goals and expectations for the upcoming season I want to see how well I can do at Nationals this year, and I’m really excited to get things kicked off with the new Freshman class.”

FOX: As a champion and well respected diver in the conference, how do you manage yourself in terms of stress at big meets, and what steps do you take to improve yourself? 

MAY: “I try not to stress as much as I can at big meets and just build relationships with the people I’m around so anybody new that I meet, especially new like nationals is a big one I’ve met some really cool people out there like Kendall is one of the divers I competed against at Nationals and we actually went and dove with him in California when we went out there for training trip so just building relationships helps me keep my stress down, having fun and talking to people.”

FOX: How do you stay humble after breaking records and winning awards, and does it  give you inspiration for your future diving career to always do better? 

MAY: “I broke Rich Sentners diving record. He was known as the best diver here at Westminster, but, after I broke his record we did something really special and we were able to create a competition based around him, um, Heath made shirts and everything and then we gave all the proceeds to the family so that was really cool to do. I don’t go to competitions trying to beat records or anything like that. I just try to do the best I can because I have my own personal goals score wise and stuff so I mean I want to try to get into the 600’s for an 11 dive meet, most people don’t know that – like dive meet scores and everything but – 600’s a pretty solid score. And then for 6 dive meets, 400 is a really really good score so I try to get like 350 or something and those are just my personal goals that I’m trying to achieve. I’m not really worried about what score is on the board at a different pool or anything like that.” 

 FOX: If you have an off day, what do you do to overcome it?

MAY: “I mean just try to take the most out of it. Um I’ve had plenty of off days where I’m not wanting to do like these hard dives and stuff but I mean you never know if you’re going to have an off competition so you gotta know how to dives in every single situation so I try to make the most out of it and the crappy days are probably some of the best days to learn and figure yourself out.” 

FOX: Being on a team means being in a family, so what are some things you are excited to do with your teammates this season? 

MAY: “Well we have Florida training trip this year, which, of course I know everyones excited especially the freshman because they’ve never travelled, or some of them never travelled out of the state for anything sports wise so that’s always exciting. Um just the all around season, PACS, Regionals, Nationals – hopefully I make those again – but I mean there’s a lot of exciting things, upcoming things. An entirely new team, we don’t have any of our seniors anymore, I mean we’re all gonna miss them but were excited to have all these new freshman on the team.” 

 FOX: It looks like Connor and his team are ready to make a splash this season and hopefully bring home some more titles. 



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