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Many Students get to travel to different places for Spring Break. Puerto Rico was one tropical destination visited. Puerto Rico is an island filled with many beautiful sights to see. It is filled with lush tropical forests, clear turquoise water, and bright orange sunsets.

Puerto Rico is a diverse culture with vibrant colors and the food is like grandmas cooking. When visiting Puerto Rico there are many things you can do. Long walks on the beach, kayaking in the warm ocean or if your up for an adventure visit the El Yungue National Forest that will leave you speechless. 360 degrees views of Puerto Rico will take your breath away while you are immersed in the deep areas of the forest. Fun fact there are still four families that live in the forest and make a living off of the tourists that come through it.

If you are looking for a fun filled vacation with views that won’t disappoint and want a laid back and relaxing place then Puerto Rico is the place for you.

Our own Emily Bondi takes us to this vibrant and beautiful island.

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