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JAMESTOWN, Pa. – On April 11th, the Tweetspeak crew traveled through heavy thunderstorms to adventure through Pymatuning State Park and attempt to identify some new birds that have migrated back to Pennsylvania. The team strayed away from the main lake and ventured to a marshland where the team identified a number of Canada Geese, Purple Martins, and more.

One of the species that was identified has not been seen yet by any of the amateur birders besides in captivity. The team looked high into the sky where we noticed a number of large birds of prey soaring. Using the binoculars, we noticed the large silhouettes and the separation between the primary feathers while soaring. As the handful of birds started making their way towards the team, we could see a white head, yellow beak, and brown body. The Tweetspeak team was watching six Bald Eagles fly over our heads like the Blue Angels flying over a stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

Bird species identified, observed, and submitted to eBird:

  • 6 Bald Eagles
  • 40 Canada Geese
  • 11 Killdeer
  • 10 Purple Martin
  • 3 Mallards
  • 40 Ruddy Ducks
  • 40 Kormorants
  • 1 Great Blue Heron
  • 1 Northern Cardinal
  • 1 American Robin

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