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New Wilmington, Pa. – For every job and every career, new ideas constantly come to mind. It can either be for making something more efficient or to enhance a business to another level. And if an individual wants to ensure that the idea needs to be heard, an elevator pitch will guarantee that.

An elevator pitch is a concise speech that explains what the idea consists of, it’s benefits and how it will be effective. It should be organized and should make sure the listener has your full attention. Although this method can be applied to other things, like an organization, a project or even yourself.

The name derives because of a literal elevator, it should not last longer than an elevator ride. Todd White, the North American General Manager for PPG’s Packaging and Coatings business, he has in fact given a pitch on an elevator.

“For me, an elevator pitch should be a concise, compelling way to introduce an idea,” White said. “Provides a strong, well thought out supporting arguments with an ‘ask’ at the end.”

The first thing should be to make an immediate connection to the person you are talking to. White also said that one must be clear as to what you are asking for and receiving a concrete agreement before the end of your pitch.

“Lastly, thank them and be appreciative for their help,” White said. When an opportunity arises to give an elevator pitch, be prepared, friendly and most importantly confident.

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