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“Season of Change” Documentary NCHS Basketball

Ralph Blundo addresses communityRalph Blundo with Malik HookerTerrell CleckleyNCHS Field HouseState Championship Another Richards with teammatesColts FS- Former NC star Malik HookerShawn AndersonCorey Eggleston JrCorey Eggleston SrCoach Blundo with Shawn Anderson and Brandon Dominick Terrell Cleckley

Many things change in life. New Castle‘s tradition runs deep in the blood of every being that lives there. Fireworks, great food, and winning. New Castle has seen its fair share of struggles as of late. Along with many other communities that run along the now known “Rust Belt”. Terrell Cleckley tells how things are changing around for the better due to the success of their sports teams both on and off the playing field or court. He also describes how it has helped shape the community today.  There has been much positive change surrounding New Castle. Violent crimes are down, College attendees/graduate rates are up, and winning/success is something this town can get used too again both in life and athletics. Head basketball coach Ralph Blundo says that taking good boys and turning them into great men on and off the court is his true #1 goal. Terrell Cleckley also gives us an exclusive interview with New Castle head coach, principal, family man, and role model.  I do not own the rights to any photos, music beds, or sound effects used. 


Photo taken: Andrew Rush PPG

Terrell Cleckley.



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